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Clever City

Hometown Harmony: Life in Clever, Missouri

Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Clever, Missouri, emerges as a hidden gem, embodying the spirit of small-town America. In this exploration of Clever, we embark on a journey through its beginnings, traverse the demographics shaping the community, highlight the educational institutions fostering young minds, and uncover the top 10 things to do and restaurants that contribute to the city’s vibrant tapestry.


Origins of Clever

Clever’s story begins in the early 19th century when settlers, lured by the promise of fertile land and abundant resources, established homesteads in the Ozark region. The city’s name is attributed to John Clever, an influential landowner and community figure. Over the years, Clever evolved from a pioneer settlement into a thriving community, weaving together the threads of agriculture, commerce, and community spirit.


Demographics and Population

The demographics of Clever showcase a blend of longstanding families and newcomers, contributing to the city’s welcoming atmosphere. This harmonious mix of residents reflects the enduring appeal of Clever as a place to call home.


Education in Clever

For families considering Clever as their home, the educational landscape is a pivotal factor. Clever is home to schools dedicated to providing quality education and fostering a love for learning.


Top Schools in Clever

  • Clever Elementary School: Serving as the foundation of education in Clever, the elementary school focuses on instilling fundamental knowledge and values in its students.

  • Clever Middle School: Building on the principles learned in elementary school, Clever Middle School offers a comprehensive program that prepares students for the challenges of high school.

  • Clever High School: The pinnacle of Clever’s educational system, the high school not only emphasizes academic excellence but also encourages students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities.


Top 10 Things to Do in Clever

Clever, although modest in size, unfolds a panorama of activities for residents and visitors alike. From outdoor explorations to community events, the city’s attractions mirror the diversity of interests.


1. Clever Park and Pavilion

Enjoy the outdoors at Clever Park and Pavilion. Whether for a family picnic, a game of frisbee, or a quiet stroll, the park provides a serene escape in the heart of the city.


2. Ozark Greenways Trail

Embrace the beauty of the Ozarks on the Ozark Greenways Trail. The trail offers a scenic route for walking, running, or cycling, providing an opportunity to connect with nature.


3. Clever Historical Museum

Dive into Clever’s rich history at the Clever Historical Museum. Exhibits and artifacts offer a glimpse into the city’s past, showcasing the resilience and character of its residents.


4. Clever Community Events

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit by attending Clever’s diverse range of events. From parades to festivals, these gatherings celebrate the city’s culture and camaraderie.


5. Clever Public Library

Expand your knowledge and enjoy a quiet reading space at the Clever Public Library. The library hosts community events and provides a haven for book lovers of all ages.


6. Galloway Creek Greenway

Explore the Galloway Creek Greenway, a scenic trail that winds through nature reserves and urban landscapes. Ideal for hiking or biking, the greenway offers a tranquil retreat.


7. Clever Hills Golf Course

Tee off at the Clever Hills Golf Course, a well-maintained facility that combines challenging play with picturesque views of the Ozark Mountains.


8. Clever Splash Park

Cool off during the summer months at the Clever Splash Park. This family-friendly water attraction is a favorite among children and provides a refreshing break for residents.


9. Clever Farmer’s Market

Support local farmers and artisans at the Clever Farmer’s Market. This weekly gathering spotlights fresh produce, handmade goods, and the community’s agricultural bounty.


10. Clever Community Center

Engage with neighbors and participate in various activities at the Clever Community Center. From fitness classes to community meetings, the center is a hub of social interaction.


Top Restaurants in Clever


Clever Café and Bakery

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at Clever Café and Bakery. Known for its friendly atmosphere and home-cooked meals, it’s a favorite spot for locals.


Ozark Country Restaurant

Indulge in comfort food classics at Ozark Country Restaurant. From savory pot roast to homemade pies, the restaurant captures the essence of Ozark hospitality.


Clever Grill

Savor American fare and family-friendly dining at Clever Grill. With a diverse menu and a welcoming ambiance, it’s a go-to spot for residents of all ages.


Clever Pizza Company

Delight in delicious pizzas and casual dining at Clever Pizza Company. With creative toppings and a laid-back atmosphere, it’s a popular choice for families and pizza enthusiasts.


Southern Spice BBQ

Experience the flavors of Ozark barbecue at Southern Spice BBQ. With smoky meats and savory sides, the restaurant embodies the region’s rich culinary tradition.


Tales of Togetherness

In the heart of the Ozarks, Clever, Missouri, encapsulates a harmonious blend of heritage, education, and community spirit. From its pioneering roots to its present-day vibrancy, the city weaves together the threads of resilience and camaraderie. Whether captivated by the rich history showcased in museums, drawn to the natural beauty of Ozark trails, or enticed by the diverse culinary offerings, Clever invites residents and visitors alike to partake in its tapestry of heritage, education, and community. As Clever looks toward the future, its commitment to preserving its roots ensures that it remains a haven of tranquility and charm in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.

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